RBI brings Renmatix CTO to campus for seminar

RBI is bringing Renmatix CTO Fred Moesler to campus to discuss with students and faculty possible collaborative opportunities between his company and Georgia Tech in the conversion of biomass into sugars and specialty fibers.

The seminar will be held Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. in the fifth floor boardroom of the Paper Tricentennial Building. Students are welcome to remain for lunch, which will immediately follow the lecture.

Mr. Moesler will be joined by Mike Smith, Renmatix process development director.

Renmatix seeks to tackle one of the world's grand challenges: finding a way to economically unlock the chemical building blocks that reside in the plant life growing all over the world, season after season. And in so doing, usher in a new industrial era where plants, not petroleum, are refined as the basis for chemicals, fuels, and products that we use every day. Renmatix’s technological innovation, the use of water-based chemistry, provides a cleaner, faster, and lower-cost method for deconstructing biomass into cellulosic sugars. These sugars become the building blocks for a multitude of renewable downstream technologies to serve biochemical market demand and to begin providing meaningful volumes of plantrochemicals, in lieu of the conventional petroleum-derived equivalents.

Mr. Moesler leverages his unique background in the development, design, scale-up, and optimization of chemical and bioindustrial processes to help Renmatix evolve its revolutionary technology. Fred leads our technology strategy, as well as our fundamentals, development, operations and engineering groups. He is an expert in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and datamining of pilot/demonstration/production facilities.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 11:00am to 11:45am
Fifth Floor Boardroom (521), Paper Tricentennial Building