RBI at Georgia Tech Testing Services include chemical analysis, gasi​fication, microscopy, paper physical analysis, pulp analysis and recovery.

The research services team was created to oversee all activities related to research services for both internal and external customers. The multidisciplinary capabilities of the team make it uniquely qualified to address customers' technical needs in the areas of process and product development and quality control. Our professional scientists and engineers work together to provide information and offer solutions required by a rapidly changing market. Where appropriate, Research Services personnel will involve RBI faculty and other staff experts to arrive at the best possible solution.

Chemical Analysis

The activities of the Chemical Analysis Group range from routine testing services to research.


Reliable performance of materials is very important for any industrial process, and especially for the manufacture of high-quality products in the


The Pressurized Entrained Flow Reactor (PEFR) and the Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor (LEFR) can perform pyrolysis, gasification, a


Pulp and paper samples are disintegrated into segregated fibers which allows optical microscopy analysis to identify fiber species content and pulp type.

Pulp Analysis

The Pulping and Bleaching group at IPST has well-equipped laboratories for testing and analysis of raw materials and pulps.


Facilities and Testing

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